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intermediate Level)


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: 1Complete the sentences .

Example:Are they from Switzerland?

1 I ________ sing, but I can play the guitar .

2 How did your phone break? ________ fell on the floor. 3 We ________ British. Were American .

4 There isnt ________ milk in the fridge .

5 Whats that? Its ________ identity card. 6 ________ Holly have any children?

7 Im taller ________ my brother .

8 Would you like to fly a plane? No, I ________. 9 The art gallery is closed ________ Mondays .

10 Whats the time? Its half ________ three. 11 ________ arent many books on the shelf .

12 I spoke to him on the phone ten minutes ________ .

13 I hardly ________ watch TV at the weekend .

14 They ________ like the film they left after 10 minutes .

15 How much coffee do you drink? Quite a ________. 16 They are ________ noisiest neighbours in the street .

2 Underline the correct form .

Example:My mother work / works in a hospital .

1 We dont have some / any money .

2 My fathers dentist / a dentist .

3 I have a lot of / a lot brothers and sisters .

4 We had an excellent meal / a meal excellent .

5 Please drive careful / carefully. The weathers bad .

6 Can we meet on / in Monday evening?

7 I have always / always have breakfast at home .

8 Its raining. Lets go / We go inside .

9 I dont like get up / getting up early .

10 Hes hoping to study / study law at university .

3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets .

Example:Mark and Emma have (have) a house in Portugal .

1 I ________ (not be) to Egypt. Is it nice?

2 He________ (not ask) for a cappuccino he asked for a latte .

3 ________ she ________ (travel) to India next summer?

4 Colin ________ (not be) at work yesterday .

5 I ________ (buy) a new car last week .

6 She ________ (not listen) to music at the moment .

7 I ________ (start) cooking classes next week .

8 Where ________ (be) he yesterday morning?

9 ________ you ever ________ (break) your leg?

10 How often ________ you ________ (go) to the theatre? Every month. 11 Emma ________ (write) him a letter two days ago .

12 Who ________ (be) the three greatest politicians of the twentieth century?

13 He has an exam tomorrow, so he ________ (study) now .

14 She ________ (not like) using lifts .

4 Complete the words in the sentences .

Example:We go to the supermarket every Saturday morning .

1 The cookers really d________. We need to clean it .

2 I think its going to rain. Lets take an u________ .

3 I gave my brother a w________ he often loses his money .

4 I read the n________ every day .

5 The car parks normally full but today its quite e________ .

6 I was late for work because the b________ was late .

7 I usually have a s________ for lunch. I love bread .

8 Shes listening to the news on the r________ .

9 I want to write something can I borrow your p________, please?

10 I read two b________ when I was on holiday last summer .

5 Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences .

Example:We eat in the ________ .

A bathroom c B bedroom c C dining room c 1 My mothers brother is my ________ .

A grandfather c B nephew c C uncle c 2 My sister works in an office. Shes a ________ .

A receptionist c B musician c C builder c 3 I dont see Pete very much, but we often ________at weekends .

A download c B skype c C search c 4 Can I pay by credit ____, please?

A ticket c B money c C card c 5 I work with sick animals. Im a ________ .

A lawyer c B politician c C vet c 6 I got your email but I couldnt open the ________ .

A wifi c B attachment c C Internet c 7 My fathers a ________. He flies all over the world .

A pilot c B builder c C nurse c 8 I need some ________ for this letter, please .

A stamps c B keys c C coins c 9 My brothers daughter is my ________ .

A granddaughter c B sister c C niece c 10 You can buy food at a ________ .

A pharmacy c B market c C post office c 6 What is the next word?

Example:one, two, three 1 Wednesday, Thursday, ________ 2 twenty, thirty, ________ 3 July, August, ________ 4 summer, autumn, ________ 5 third, fourth, ________ 6 eight hundred, nine hundred, ________ 7 Complete the words in the sentences .

Example:She walks to work every day .

1 The opposite of tall is s________ .

2 If you break your leg you have to go to h________ .

3 Marcs a c________. He works in a French restaurant .

4 I need to cut some paper. Do you have any s________?

5 A c________ is a place where you can buy medicine .

6 I dont read books but I like reading m________ and newspapers .

7 Can I see your i________ card, please?

8 Do you want to c________ a taxi?

9 I didnt t________ off my phone and it rang in the lesson!

10 She often t________ by plane .

11 I usually m________ dinner at 8.00 .

12 I d________ a Volkswagen .

13 I always w________ up early .

14 Your sons daughter is your g________ .


9 Underline the stressed syllable .

Example: co|ffee 1 o|ppo|site 2 su|per|mar|ket 3 vege|ta|bles 4 en|gi|neer 5 heal|thy 6 to|ma|toes 7 beau|ti|ful 8 cho|colate 9 be|hind 10 un|der|stand 10 Read the text and tick () A, B, or C .

The best place in the world to live Vancouver is the third biggest city in Canada. Its in the south west of the country and it has a population of 2.6 million. A recent study showed that its the best city in the world to live. The study looked at areas like weather, transport, education, healthcare, and safety. This study happens every year and Vancouver is usually number one .

We asked Vancouver resident Jacob Meyers if he agrees .

Ive lived in Vancouver all my life. I work for an engineering company and Ive travelled on business to many Canadian cities. Two years ago another company offered me a very good job in Montreal but I didnt take it because I never want

to leave my city. Let me tell you why not:

Vancouver is situated between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. That means the summers arent too hot and the winters arent too cold. It also rains a lot, in summer and winter. Some people dont like that but I do because our gardens and parks are always green and fresh. Every day I cycle or walk for an hour in a park and in Vancouver youre never more than a few minutes from one .

I dont feel frightened when I walk in Vancouvers streets at night. Of course, Vancouver has a high population and theres crime in every big city, but compared to the USA, for example, its quite safe .

But my favourite thing about Vancouver is its incredible mix of nationalities. Ive got friends here from all over the world. And theres an enormous variety of foreign food in the restaurants and markets. Ive eaten wonderful dishes from China, India, Italy, Greece, and Japan and I havent been to any of these places .

Example: Vancouver is bigger than all the other Canadian cities .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 1 Two thousand, six hundred people live in the south west of Canada .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 2 A study says that Vancouver is the best place for a city holiday .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 3 Jacob was born in Vancouver .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 4 There are some mountains between Vancouver and the ocean .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 5 It often rains in summer in Vancouver .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 6 Jacob has a big garden .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 7 He lives an hour away from the nearest park .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 8 He never walks in the streets at night .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 9 Jacob can speak a lot of foreign languages .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 10 He has been to Italy on holiday .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 11 Now read the text again and answer the questions .

1 How often does the study happen?


2 Where has Jacob travelled to for his work?


3 What are the winters like in Vancouver?


4 Are there many parks in Vancouver?


5 What does Jacob like best about Vancouver?


12 Answer the questions. Write 2535 words for each question .

1 What did you do last weekend?

2 What is there for tourists to do in your town or city?

3 Describe a good friend of yours .

13 Listen to the conversation. Tick () A, B, or C .

1 The man is _______ .

A going to work c B going home c C going to see a friend c 2 The time now is ________ .

A 4.45 c B 5.15 c C 5.45 c 3 At the moment, the woman is doing a course in ________ .

A teaching c B Japanese c C healthcare c 4 The man has ________ Japan .

A lived in c B travelled to c C worked in c 5 The man would like ________ .

A a coffee and a snack c B a tea and a snack c C a snack only c 14 Listen to five speakers. Match them with the questions they are answering AE .

Speaker 1 c Speaker 2 c Speaker 3 c Speaker 4 c Speaker 5 c A What did you do at the weekend?

B Whats your favourite season?

C How do you usually travel to work?

D Whats the best book youve ever read?

E How much exercise do you do?

15 Ask your partner these questions .

1 Where were you born?

2 Whats your job?

3 What do you like doing at the weekend?

4 Where did you go for your last holiday?

5 Can you drive a car?

6 Have you ever won a prize? What for?

7 How many foreign languages can you speak?

8 What are you going to have for dinner tonight?

Now answer your partners questions .


: 1 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets .

Example: I usually get up (get up) at seven oclock .

1 Tod _______________ (watch) TV at the moment .

2 The sports hall _______________ (not clean) on Wednesdays .

3 Ella _______________ (have) blonde hair, but now shes quite dark .

4 He _______________ (look for) a job next month .

5 What _______________ he _______________ (find) when he opened the door?

6 She _______________ (not go) out last night; she went home after work .

7 I _______________ (go) to the USA five times. How about you?

8 When we arrived, they _______________ already _______________ (leave) the house was empty .

9 They _______________ (not listen) to the teacher at the moment .

10 _______________ you ever _______________ (see) a giraffe?

11 She _______________ (meet) her new boss last week .

12 Happy anniversary! How long _______________ you _______________ (be) married?

13 I dont think it _______________ (snow) this week. Its too warm .

14 He _______________ (cook) lunch when we arrived, so we offered to help .

15 We left the cinema because we _______________ (see) the film before .

16 Pizza _______________ (make) with flour, oil, tomatoes and cheese .

2 Complete the sentences with one word .

Example: Where do you live?

1 How __________ bread do you eat?

2 I __________ do the washing up now. Ill do it later .

3 A chemists is a place __________ you buy medicines .

4 A I dont like Chinese food .

B __________ do I .

5 Put __________ some shoes. Were going outside .

6 We walked __________ of the shop, because the music was too loud .

7 __________ it was a warm day, she wore a big winter coat .

8 I went to Rome __________ learn Italian .

9 What __________ you do if it rains this afternoon?

10 A Have you heard the news?

B No, not __________ .

3 Underline the correct word(s) in each sentence .

Example: Have you finished that book yet / just?

1 You must / mustnt listen to your teacher. Shes trying to help you .

2 This is the best / better museum Ive ever visited .

3 This bikes most / more expensive than mine .

4 Hes eaten too many / too much cakes, and now he feels ill!

5 You mustnt / dont have to wear a uniform at work if you dont want to .

6 You dont do enough / too housework. I have to do it all!

7 We had a boring weekend. We didnt have anything / nothing to do .

8 You dont have to / should try on this shirt. I think itll look great on you .

9 They might / must go to the beach tomorrow if the weathers hot .

10 Wait! You walk more quickly / quicker than me .

11 Who did paint / painted this picture? Its great!

12 She said / told us she was busy this weekend .

13 Walking / Walk in the country makes me feel great .

14 If I didnt have to, I wont / wouldnt go to that conference .

4 Underline the odd word out .

Example: funny friendly kind safe 1 fly mosquito dolphin bee 2 palace statue receipt castle 3 talkative polluted crowded dangerous 4 sightseeing ironing camping sunbathing 5 jeans leggings tights gloves 5 Complete the sentences with the correct word .

Example: My mums sisters are my aunts .

aunts cousins uncles 1 David __________ me he wanted to get a burger .

told said replied 2 We __________ a really good time at the festival .

spent had did 3 My brother is my aunts __________ .

niece grandson nephew 4 Put your lights on. Were going to drive __________ a tunnel!

through under across 5 The opposite of crowded is __________ .

clean safe empty 6 Kates really __________. She always gives me presents .

mean lazy generous 7 Can you turn __________ the TV? I want to watch the news .

on in off 8 Is he looking __________ to the party?

after for forward 9 Those jeans look nice. Would you like to __________ them on?

take try wear 10 Enter our competition now! You could __________ a great prize .

win earn make 11 Our new school year starts __________ 5th September .

in on at 12 We havent got much money __________ we arent going to buy the flat .

because so although 13 He __________ on really well with his sister .

does gets makes 14 Im not __________ good at languages. I find them difficult .

bit quite very


7 Complete the sentences with the correct preposition .

Example: What music do you listen to?

1 Be careful when you jump __________ the swimming pool .

2 Im not sure if I can come camping. It depends __________ my work .

3 Did you wait long __________ your train?

4 Harrys worried __________ his driving test tomorrow .

5 Leo fell in love __________ his girlfriend soon after they met .

6 Can you pay __________ the tickets today?

7 Please write __________ me soon, and tell me all your news .

8 What time did you arrive __________ school? Were you late?

8 Complete the sentences with one word .

Example: Write down the words .

1 Can you __________ the dog for a walk?

2 Im taking this watch __________ to the shop. It doesnt work .

3 Work __________ pairs to do this next exercise .

4 Dont run __________ the road! Its dangerous .

5 Lets ___________ Fred to the party on Saturday .

6 Shall we ___________ surfing tomorrow?

7 Dont ___________ so much noise! Im trying to study .


10 Underline the stressed syllable .

Example: e|mail 1 no|thing 2 af|ter|noon 3 un|com|for|ta|ble 4 pre|fer 5 buil|der 6 u|ni|ver|si|ty 7 de|li|cious 8 jou|rney 9 pro|mise 10 bu|tter|fly 11 Read the article and tick () A, B, or C .

The woman who can remember every day of her life As part of our series on extraordinary people, this week we find out about Rita Howard, a woman with a very unusual talent .

What was the weather like yesterday? What were you thinking about when you woke up this morning? If someone asked you these questions, you probably wouldnt find it too hard to answer. But how about remembering the same information for this date last year, or even ten years ago? Most of us find it easy to remember what happened on the most important days of our lives, but soon forget the little details of the other days, weeks, months and years. We often imagine that, without this regular forgetting, our brains would be too crowded with memories and thoughts. For Rita Howard, however, its as easy to remember a day thirty years ago as it is to tell us about yesterday .

Rita can choose any date from her 68 years and say where she was, what she was doing, and what day of the week it was. For years, she had no idea that this amazing memory was anything special. She was a hard-working student who always did well at school. Then later she became a historian, a job where she had many opportunities to use her ability to memorize all the facts shed ever learned. Even so, it was only six years ago, when she was in a research project, that scientists actually told Rita she had hyperthymesia an unusually good memory of her own experiences. Only around 20 people worldwide have the condition .

People began to imagine that I knew everything, says Rita. Whereas, of course, I only know everything about my own life! Another common idea is that Rita has far more memories than everyone else. In fact, we all have a similar number, she comments. Im just far better at finding and using mine than other people. As Rita reached retirement age, she wondered if her memory would get worse .

Three years later, however, its just as good as ever. Will that always be the case? she asks. Who knows? I know all about the past, not the future! Example: This is the first article in the series .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 1 Most people dont find it difficult to remember recent events .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 2 People find it easier to remember their own lives than world events .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 3 We generally think that its useful to forget small things .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 4 Rita Howard is best at remembering things which happened a long time ago .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 5 When she was young, Rita thought everyone had an excellent memory .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 6 People noticed her ability to memorize information when she was at school .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 7 People expect Rita to know about things that she hasnt experienced .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 8 Everyones brain has as many memories as Ritas .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 9 Rita is working as a historian .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 10 Age hasnt changed Ritas abilities .

A True c B False c C Doesnt say c 12 Read the text again and answer the questions .

1 Which two details does the writer give as examples of things that are easy to remember?


2 What kind of information do most people forget quite quickly?


3 How old is Rita Howard?


4 What kind of student was she?


5 What did she expect to happen after she finished working?


13 Write a short tourist guide for your favourite town (100150 words). Write about these things .

The location The towns history The things the town is famous for Activities and sights for tourists The best places to eat and stay Advice for a successful visit 14 Listen to the conversation. Tick () A or B .

1 The book group is on at the wrong time for Tom .

A True c B False c 2 Tom has just bought a new camera .

A True c B False c 3 Toms course is all done on a computer .

A True c B False c 4 The college is near a cinema .

A True c B False c 5 Sally wants to study on the same evening as Tom .

A True c B False c 15 Listen to five conversations about travel. Match them with sentences AE .

Conversation 1 c Conversation 2 c Conversation 3 c Conversation 4 c Conversation 5 c A There were too many people .

B The staff werent polite .

C The city wasnt very clean .

D A friend has some advice .

E The hotel is too expensive .

16 Ask your partner these questions .

1 Have you ever been to a fair or festival? What was it like?

2 When did you last go to a new town? Where was it? Did you enjoy it?

3 What did you do for your last birthday?

4 What are you doing this weekend?

5 If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? Why?

Now answer your partners questions .



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