«I’m sure we’ll have a great time at Joan’s party tomorrow night. A: B: Yes, I agree. All our friends will be there. A: Will your father let you take the car? No, I’m afraid he won’t. B: ...»

UNIT 1 Tenses Future

Future Simple

I’m sure we’ll have a great time at Joan’s party tomorrow night .


B: Yes, I agree. All our friends will be there .

A: Will your father let you take the car?

No, I’m afraid he won’t .


Будущее простое время (future simple) образуется с помощью will и инфинитива без

частицы to. Will используется для всех лиц.* Например: Susan will post the letters tomorrow morning .

Вопросы строятся путем постановки will перед подлежащим .

Например: Will Kate lend you her book?

В отрицаниях после will ставится not .

Например: He will not / won’t pay the bill .

*Иногда для первого лица (I,we) вместо will употребляется shall .


Future simple употребляется:

Для обозначения будущих действий, которые возможно, произойдут, а возможно, и нет .

We’ll visit Disney World one day .

для предсказания будущих событий (predictions). Life will be better fifty years from now .

для выражения угроз или предупреждений (treats / warnings) .

Stop or I’ll shoot .

для выражения обещаний (promises) и решений принятых в момент речи (on-the-spot decisions) .

I’ll help you with your homework .

С глаголами hope, think, believe, expect и т.п., с выражениями I’m sure, I’m afraid и т.п., а также с наречиями probably, perhaps и т.п .

I think he will support me .

He will probably go to work .

Слова, указывающие на Future Simple tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week / month / year, tonight, soon, in a week / month / year и т.д .

UNIT 1 Tenses Future What will life be like in the 21st century? Составьте предложения, используя will или won’t, как показано в примере .

1. People / live / longer + People will live longer .

2. Robots / do most of the work. + _______________________________________________________________________

3. People / die of serious diseases _______________________________________________________________________

4. People / go on holiday to the moon + _______________________________________________________________________

5. Children / stop going to school _______________________________________________________________________

Will / Shall

Мы употребляем:

Will you …?, когда просим сделать что-нибудь для нас (request) .

Например: Will you post these letters for me, please? (=Can you post these letters for me, please?) Shall I …?, когда предлагаем сделать что-нибудь для кого-то (offer) .

Например: Shall I help you clean your room? (=Do you want me to help you clean your room?) Shall we …?, когда предлагаем кому-то сделать что-либо вместе (suggestion) .

Например: Shall we go to the theatre tonight? (= Why don’t we go to the theatre tonight?) Задайте вопросы, как показано в примере .

1. The garden is very untidy. (I / cut / the grass) Shall I cut the grass?

2. It’s a lovely evening. (we / go / for a walk) ________________________________________________________________________

3. I need a hot drink. (I / make / some tea) ________________________________________________________________________

4. The Smiths are back. (we / visit / them) ________________________________________________________________________

Что выражает will/shall в каждом предложении? Подчеркните правильное значение .

1. Tidy your room or I won’t let you go to the party. (treat/request)

2. You daughter will have a very successful career. (warning/prediction)

3. Shall I carry your shopping bags for you? (offer/suggestion)

4. I’ll buy a present for my mother. (on-the-spot decision/prediction)

5. Will you take out the rubbish, please? (suggestion/request) Краткие ответы Пример: Will you pay the bills? Yes, I will .

Will you …? No, I/we won’t .

Yes, I/we will .

–  –  –

Задайте вопросы и ответьте на них, как показано в примере .

1. have a party on your birthday this year?

A: Will you have a party on your birthday this year?

B: Yes, I will. / No, I won’t .

2. go to university when you finish school?

A: _____________________________________________________________________

B: _____________________________________________________________________

3. travel abroad if you have enough money?

A: _____________________________________________________________________

B: _____________________________________________________________________

4. go out with your friends at the weekend?

A: _____________________________________________________________________

B: _____________________________________________________________________

Ответьте на вопросы о себе, используя I think/I hope/I expects I’ll или I’m sure/I’m afraid I’ll, как показано в примере .

Where will you be at 5 o’clock tomorrow afternoon?

1 .

I expect I’ll be at home .

2. Where will you go at the weekend?


3. Where will you spend your holydays?


4. What will you do if you fail your exams?


Be going to He is going to throw the ball .

–  –  –

Cliff Turner has his own business and it is doing well. He has already decided to expand. Используя подсказки, напишите, что он собирается сделать, как показано в примере .

–  –  –

Future Continuous Образование I/He/They will (‘ll) be working .

Will I/he/they be working? Yes, I/he/they will. No, I/he/they won’t .

I/He/They will not (won’t) be working .


The future continuous используется для:

–  –  –

Действий/событий/ситуаций, которые точно произойдут в будущем и которые мы не можем контролировать .

The temperature will reach 40 C tomorrow .

You want to ask your friend to do something for you. Используя подсказки, составьте вопросы, как показано в примере .

1. You want your friend to buy you something at the supermarket. (go to) Will you be going to the supermarket?

2. You want your friend to post a letter for you. (go to) ________________________________________________________________________

You want to use your friend’s bicycle today. (use) 3 .


4. You want you friend to give a letter to Jeff soon. (see) ________________________________________________________________________

–  –  –

The people below are all friends. What do they hope they will have done by the time they are thirty years old? Используя подсказки, составьте предложения, как показано в примере .

1. Alec hopes he will have travelled all over the world by the time he’s thirty .

–  –  –

Kate: make her first collection Jack: build his own house Ted: have his first exhibition 2. _______________________________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________________________

4. _______________________________________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________________________________

6. _______________________________________________________________________

The same people will be thirty-five years old in a month’s time. What will they have been doing by the end of the next month? Используя подсказки, составьте предложения, как показано в примере .

1. Alec / travel / ten years By the end of next month, Alec will have been travelling for ten years .

2. Mark / run / own business / eight years ________________________________________________________________________

3. Moira / star in films / six years ________________________________________________________________________

4. Kate / design clothes / four years ________________________________________________________________________

5. Jack / build houses / ten years ________________________________________________________________________

6. Ted / paint / fifteen years ________________________________________________________________________

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